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SkillZDr Academics is an online platform/portal where students are introduced to excellent and qualified private tutors in many different subjects for 1 on 1 tutoring. ALL of our tutors have a college degree, at a minimum! In fact, many of our tutors also have state certified teaching licensure!! There is a search window for users to search our network of private local tutors by subject and geographical location. This will give them a list of tutors in their area, and they can click the individual tutors to read more about them, their experience, level of education, and their hourly cost. Then once an individual private tutor is selected, sessions can be ordered directly through the website.

SkillZDr Academics ensures that students not only master basic to advanced level concepts but also meet their short-term and long-term academic goals. We additionally assist students with homework help, preparation for tests, quizzes, and competitive college entrance exams.

SkillZDr Academics can offer “in person” tutoring at the student home, at a mutually convenient meeting location, as well as offering the flexibility of online tutoring. Online tutoring has been rapidly gaining popularity among students due to its ease of use, cost, and its ability to provide an instant connection to a tutor just when a student needs help and is ready to learn. Online tutoring is the ideal solution for today’s students trying to balance their busy schedules with the need for personalized learning right at their fingertips. We network dedicated and committed tutors instantaneously to students around the country to achieve learning goals.

Our vision for SkillZDr Academics is to help prepare students for academic success, and ideally position them for college and college scholarships.